Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Stop Cutting Down Trees

Close your eyes and imagine a world without plants but filled with skyscrapers and  mansions and all the humans would have to bring oxygen tanks everywhere they go in order breathe. Would you like to live in a world like that? 

I'm sure you all don't want to live in a world like what I just mentioned. The sky would be  dark grey because of pollution. The lakes, rivers, seas and oceans would be filled rubbish and would be polluted.

Do you like white, dark and milk chocolate? Well if you do I have horrible news for you. Chocolate contains cocoa powder. Cocoa powder is the dry solid remains of fermented, dried, and roasted cacao beans. The beans are cracked into bits, which are then ground into a paste made of cocoa solids suspended in near-flavorless cocoa butter. Cacao is the tree, while cocoa is the product made from it.  Edible parts of cacao pods and the beans inside them can be processed to make cocoa powder, cocoa butter, or chocolate after being dried and fermented. So, what I mean is if we keep on cutting down trees there won't any more chocolate in the world.

Think of your favourite food. You really love you really love it don't you. I’m so sorry to tell you this but if you keep on cutting down trees there won't be anymore oxygen. Animals are like humans they need oxygen to breathe obviously. Animals wouldn't exist because there isn't oxygen tanks designed for animals. Even if there is oxygen tanks designed for animals the animals would just resist us because when animals haven't seen something familiar before they would feel endangered.

What is your favourite plant? My favourite plants are cactuses, because I only have to water it once a month. Enjoy it while exist soon, this world would be a dark and gloomy world because there aren't any colourful plants and you probably know why.

So, in conclusion please stop cutting down trees or not the world would be dull and gloomy.

Writing reflection :
My aim is to convince people to stop cutting down trees.
My medals are : 
The fact that I mentioned some something about chocolate isn't going to exist anymore. That was a medal because likes chocolate so they're going to help.
I mentioned something about animals because everyone likes meat.
My missions are :
Adding a conclusion.
Adding a claim.

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