Thursday, 8 September 2016

Discovery Time Week 7 21/6/16

At discovery time today I planned to do sewing, but sewing isn't an option. So, I went to Vanessa (the teacher) right after she organised everyone’s activity. I said “I wanted to do baking.” That's what I ended up doing during discovery time. We baked apple and cinnamon muffins. 

I did baking with Ruby, Larissa and Grace. Jessika was supposed to do baking but, she hasn't finished her camp writing so Jessika didn't do baking at all. Ruby and Jessika were supposed running the baking activity.

A struggle for me was getting the seed of the Apple. It was a struggle because I was supposed to cut it as small as possible.

Something I learnt about myself at discovery time was I can learn something just by looking at someone do it.

I learnt how to make a glaze. Glaze : a mixture of water, caster sugar and sometimes cinnamon. The glaze will go on top of muffins.

I have a connection with Grace because we didn't do our activity that we were supposed to do. Grace was supposed to do planter boxes. Grace’s planter box group was up to the planting part but, they don't have the seeds. As if me sewing isn't an option.

I think I showed effort when I took the muffins out of the muffin tray. I think I showed effort because Ruby and Larissa broke most of the ones they took out of the tray.

At last the muffins looked like this
. Just so you know it tastes way better than it looks.

overall discovery time wasn't even a tiny bit how I
planned it. But, it was way better. There was mistakes, struggles, fails and of course learning.
I would rate discovery time 8/10. 

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