Thursday, 8 September 2016

Discovery Time Week 6 Term 3

Today at discovery time I started doing netball. Vanessa was in charge of netball and Vanessa made me the co-leader because I was the only one there besides Vanessa that knows how to play netball. We worked on the court. While we're doing some passes I had to go to ukelele. When I came back the court was empty. They moved to the hall. About 15 minutes after I came back, I tried to shoot a netball in the basketball hoop I missed but, instead it hit my forehead. After that I went to class and told Vanessa ( the teacher )I don't have anything to do. She gave me some suggestions and I agreed on designing a calico fabric tote bag. I did a sketch of a flower with pencil. Then I outlined it with a black sharpie marker.  
I'm going to draw colourful circles at the end of each stem. I'm also hand sewing some beads as blossoms.

 For the setup Vanessa, Sharnika and I had to go to the sports shed to get a bag of netball. For the pack-up I wasn't there but I think it should be easy.

A struggle was looking for the design that I liked and was easy to draw, because most of them are to hard to draw.

A strength was drawing my flower.I learnt calico is the type of tote bag fabric.

This is the design I found in Safari :
This is mine so far :
Next discovery time I would like to finish my tote bag.

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