Friday, 12 August 2016

Camp Thank You Letter

Waimairi School 
1 Tillman ave

15 April 2016

Dear Lu,

Thank you for helping me with my injuries during mountain biking and for coming to camp. I really appreciate it that you got out of work and came to camp with us. Group 3 couldn't be able to do the activities without you. I was lucky to be in a group with the best camp parent (it's you) and my last year camp parent and I liked it.

I learned a lot of things at camp like how to ride a mountain bike and how to use it’s gears, the hottest pool in Hanmer Springs Hot Pools is the hexagonal pool and that blackberry bushes hurt when you fall in one when mountain biking. My favourite part of camp was when we went to the hot pools. It was my favourite part because I get to swim with my friends and have fun. My least favourite part was mountain biking because I fell of my mountain bike. A challenge for me was building the shelter during the Bear Grylls Challenge. It was a struggle because Kiri was only helping us halfway. Once again thank you for coming to camp with us. Overall I would rate camp a 9/10.

Kind Regards 

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