Thursday, 7 July 2016

Interview With Graeme Wilce

Graeme Wilce’s Interview 

Graeme is a caretaker at Waimairi School. 

Graeme’s jobs are emptying the bins at the end of lunchtime, gardening, road patrol, teaching students the basic building skills like how to hold hammers and saws and many more building skills.

He works part-time in Waimairi School. His job gets directed by Darren. He will go to Darren because is his initial boss. If there is anything major he goes to Darren then, he will go to Mr. Anderson. 1 p.m. - 5 p.m. is Graeme's work hours. He doesn't really work with school staff members, but he gets in and out of their classrooms. He starts work at the beginning of lunch so, his contract with students isn't that much. 

Overall Graeme is very helpful and useful around the school. If Graeme didn't work in Waimairi School, the classes would stink because Graeme is the person who empties the bins. Our school wouldn't have a beautiful garden. The students won't cross the road safely. Finally students won't know how to use building tools.

By Nadine

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