Sunday, 19 June 2016

The Big Crash!

Are you scared of mountain biking? Well I am. Once I had a bike that was the perfect size and I liked biking on it. I liked biking because it was the right size. I actually like biking ,but not on small, steep paths and tall bikes. I'm about to share my horror and blood filled mountain biking story. 

The name of our instructor was April. We had an option to bring our bags or leave it. I left mine. April talked us through how to get the right helmet size. I'm a medium size. The safe helmet protects my head. Then April told us to line up from shortest to tallest. April gave me my bike. April told us to line up beside the tree stump. Then she taught us how to use the gears and when to use it. April told us to practice biking around the trees and using the gears. I was as scared as a fly about to be eaten by a tarantula. When I was biking suddenly out of nowhere Megan hit her left handle bars to my right shoulder. April and Lu came to me to see if I’m okay. April said “just keep on biking.” I kept on going. 

The moment I have been scared came. It’s time to line up like how we started. April went first we counted 5 seconds and so on. I finally decided to go. I wasn't the last to go. It was a small path. There was this small hill. Which Megan and I walked our bikes down. I started biking again. Suddenly Megan went to fast. Her front tyre hit my bike. I stopped but Megan’s bike hit mine. The bike was to heavy to hold up. The mountain bike was as heavy as a boulder. I fell on my left. When I was falling I screamed “ ouch”. Guess what I fell in? A blackberry bush with a whole lot of thorns in it and a heavy mountain bike on my left leg. The thorns of the blackberry bush was as sharp as a great white sharks’ teeth. When I was in the bush Lu told Megan “ you need to learn how to use your breaks.” I said “ hello I’m in a bush here.” Then I told Lu to get the bike out of the bush. Then she pulled me out of the blackberry bush. When I finally got out of the bush I was as relieved as a prisoner sentenced to get out of jail. I had as many scratches as like a deer attacked by a leopard. I kept on going with everyone else.

At one point I realised my all of my scratches were bleeding.. Luckily in a couple of minutes it stopped bleeding.. But, there was one part I didn't want to do. So Lu and I went the easy way.. Which is the straight flat forest road. At one stage Lu and I were lost. We were lost in Hanmer Springs forest bare handed!!!! I tricked you! Lu had a phone ☎️ a mobile phone not a home phone. Lu looked at maps in her phone. While Lu was doing that I was saying “ we are lost in a public forest! Map won't know the way!” Suddenly I was wrong and was also relieved. We kept on biking. There was this steep and squishy uphill path. Lu biked down the path but I decided to walk my bike down. We finally arrived at a park. But the park wasn't the park that we were supposed to meet April. The park that we were supposed to meet April has a pump track. A pump track is a track for bikers but you're not allowed to pedal you use your bodyweight to move. Lu and I finally arrived at the pump track before everyone else. On the way back to camp I biked with everyone else the whole way.

My writing reflection
In my writing I have used ……
Activated noun : when I typed“the safe helmet protects my head.”
Simile : when I typed “I was scared as a fly about to be eaten by a tarantula.”
Exaggerating : when I typed “ we were lost in Hanmer Springs forest bare handed!!!!”

I think I'm going well in my writing because I managed to activate nouns, exaggerate and use similes.

My next step in my writing is to use more language features.

A struggle with my writing was making it short. Making my writing as short as possible was a struggle because I was trying to make it detailed and vivid.

By Nadine 

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  1. I liked the way you added a writing reflection on the bottom of your writing.