Saturday, 25 June 2016

Player of the day

Do you have a proud moment? Well I do. That's what this piece of writing is about. My proudest moment this year (2016) was winning player in netball. I won the award from Ms. Pageot. Ms. Pageot is a teacher in He Tangata she is also the Waimairi cool cats netball team coach. On Friday June the 3th my team played at Cobham intermediate. It was our second game at Cobham. At halftime Ms. Pageot said “ the person that I’m looking for player of the day is someone that wasn't bunching/crowding up around the ball.” That is exactly what I did straight after she said that. That is how I won player of the day. Ms. Pageot would give the person that won player of the day a trophy. 
Every person that won player of the day gets to keep the trophy until our next game. When I won the trophy Rosa, Vanessa, Ruby M., Ruby P., Savannah, Millie, Gabriella and of course Ms. Pageot was watching. Pretty much the whole netball team was there except Jessika and Pippa. After we did our cheer and congratulated our rival Ms. Pageot Gave me the player of the day award. My body didn't really show anything I just smiled but, inside I was celebrating . I was about to burst into a thousand pieces of  pride, joy, excitement and happiness. I felt proud, joy, excited and happy because I never won player of the day before. We lost the game. I forgot the school that we versed, all I remember is I made friends with Caitlyn. Caitlyn is one of the players from the school we versed. I think the scores were 7-1. Even we ended up losing  I was still happy with what I achieved.

By Nadine