Thursday, 12 May 2016

Waimairi school

Waimairi school 
The large one storey hall welcomes people for Monday meet-up. 
Colourful playground entertains children playing on it. 
Happy children play on the playground.
Friendly teachers teaching students.
The forum seats provides comfort. 
Sporty students racing through the field. 
Children on medium speed scooters and bicycle racing throughout the whole school. 
Busy teachers doing their job. 
The green grass spreads throughout the whole field. 
The cheeky water fountain splashes water at children's faces. 
The short school swimming pool allows people to go swimming everyday. 
The golden and shiny bag hooks gives more room. 
The noisy sewing machine helps with sewing projects. The colourful cupboards keeps classes tidy. 
The futuristic iPad helps year 5&6 Students study. 
The brick school office provides information about the school.:


  1. You have used your new learning of activating nouns to put together a detailed description of what we can experience at school. I particularly enjoyed reading the line: The cheeky water fountain splashes water at children's faces. Kiri

  2. You are doing so well Nadine. My favourite part is the futuristic iPad.
    I am a proud mum indeed.