Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Term 1 Arts Reflection

Term 1 Arts Reflection

During term 1 I learnt about Pumanawatanga pulse, how to play some songs in my ukelele, use a sewing machine, name of 62 children,  how to make an apron. 

My favourite part of term 1 was when we went to camp at Hanmer Springs forest Camp. That was as my favourite part of term 1 because at camp I got to do cool activities and spend time with my friends. My second favourite thing we did in term 1 is discovery time. I liked it because I get to do things I never done before and learn new things. Discovery Time happens every Tuesday. In all the term 1 Discovery Time I made / learnt 
An apron
A small heart pillow
To make piklets
To weave harakeke flowers
To make play dough.

My favourite subject in term 1 was maths. Maths was my favourite subject because I just like math more than writing, reading and sport. 

My least favourite subject was c.r.t. ( class release time). C.R.T. was my least favourite because I don't really like sport.

At the end of term 1 we did a performance at open day. The performance was about a day in Kahukura. We did a vote for what day we were going to perform. I voted for Tuesday because Tuesday is discovery time day. We ended up performing a Tuesday. There was a mood board, sewing, netball, dancing, scooter, sketching, Tuku-tuku and baking group. My part was in the sewing group. I was in the sewing group because I did sewing in Discovery Time. I was in a group with Margarette, Abbey, Samantha and Rosemary. 

A struggle for me in the performance was being loud. Trying to be loud was a struggle because We have to focus on  keeping in time with the beat, say the words and clap.

A highlight for me in the performance was picking our own groups. Picking our own groups was a highlight because I done sewing during discovery time.

Overall term 1 was fun , adventurous, exciting, exploring the class and getting to know people. I enjoyed term 1. 

By Nadine 

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